In an excellent article featured on The Healthcare IT Guy, Shahid N. Shah, CEO of Netspective Communications, transcribes his interview with Hands on Telehealth. The interview is both extremely informative and comprehensive, covering topics ranging from standards required in telehealth to the impact of the Affordable Care Act. At the conclusion of the interview, Shah is asked to describe his top do’s and don’ts of telehealth. Here’s what he identified as his two most important tips:

  1. “Leverage existing simple technologies to stay well connected with the patients.”

    In modern society, established communication technologies like email, video conferencing, SMS, and phone are a consistent part of daily life. Utilizing these existing technologies that your patients are already familiar with simplifies the process for both patient and provider while reducing stress during the transition.

  2. “Choose a connection methodology that best works for the patient or the consumer and not just the doctor or provider.”

    It’s crucial, while making this transition, that care providers consider which methodology is most suited to their patient. This includes considering what technologies the patient is currently most comfortable with and also what technologies are easily accessible to them. In taking the patient’s personal preferences and lifestyle into account, you should increase your chances for a smooth and succesful implementation.

For the full transciption of Shah’s interview, please click here.

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