ePsychToday™ offers a secure, HIPAA compliant, video telemedicine service that enables mental health practitioners to video connect directly to their patients over the internet for remote treatment.

Why is this so significant? Sixty million Americans, almost 25% of the nation has some type of mental illness. Seven to eight billion dollars a year are spent for Mental Health treatment. Our doctors, hospitals, military, schools and prisons are flooded with people needing help and they do not have the resources to respond. Capacity of care has deteriorated, wait times for services are longer than ever, and the current economic challenges facing our nation will certainly put further limits on available funds.

ePsychToday™s remote Video/Audio Treatment Platform is secure, convenient, and affordable. Most importantly, it is an effective form of treatment for emotional problems. Studies are showing that remote Video/Audio treatment is as effective as in-person therapy in treating PTSD, depression, anxiety, eating disorders and other conditions, while costing less due to reduced overhead and travel expenses. Research also shows patients share sensitive information and form a strong therapeutic relationship online.  One study showed patients stay in treatment longer in virtual sessions than in face-to-face meetings.

Secure video telemedicine is an important and powerful practice management solution to help providers efficiently manage costs. Telementalhealth with ePsychToday™ is your next step.

Dr. Steve Lower is Founder and CEO of ePsychToday™. He received his doctorate from Temple University in 1972 with specialization in developmental and clinical psychology, and is a Licensed Psychologist in the state of Pennsylvania. He is also President/CEO of Quantum Employee AssIstance Programs and Director of Psychology Associates Outpatient Mental Health Clinics. Dr. Lower’s 40 years experience in the practice, management and delivery of Mental Health Services gives him a well informed appreciation of the challenges facing providers today.